JOHN CHAPMAN’S GUITAR METHOD is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate guitar and bass students at any age who want to learn essential foundational guitar playing techniques and mental strategies that lead toward playing the guitar music they love with great skill, confidence and passion, in a fun, supportive, and goal oriented learning environment.

ARE YOU? Frustrated by using books that focus entirely on learning to read music with single notes, with boring melodies, that don’t seem to lead toward playing actual popular songs or ever address proper playing techniques; Stuck or dissatisfied with other guitar book and DVD methods that show ONLY fragmented guitar information, acting only as reference materials that show only the pictures of chord diagrams, scales and arpeggios, but don’t teach you how to actually practice them with proper picking and fretting technique, or playing them in rhythm, with a consistent time feel using a metronome.

DO YOU? Struggle with Tabs online because you can’t seem to play in time using the appropriate stylistic rhythms; Desire to learn to practice, play, perform and compose music you love with a proven strategy that teaches you how to memorize and visualize guitar information on the fretboard in the most logical way, while you learn proper picking and fretting techniques that merge rhythm and music theory with a truly integrated guitar method.

portrait-strat1.jpgJohn’s performance based guitar method uniquely targets, layers and accelerates learning by demystifying and integrating the physical and mental aspects of guitar playing through powerful step-by-step developmental learning based drills, exercises and strategies that develop mastery in rhythm (picking) and fretting accuracy, that creates a deep nuero-muscular awareness.

METHOD DETAILS: John’s method incorporates verbalization and visualization techniques, fun and empowering tools for advanced memorization and internalization of core skills. Eager students are always empowered by these simple learning strategies that John combines with targeted musical drills and exercises, to teach students how to breakdown and practice rhythms, melodies and chords with proper down-up picking techniques, creating an advanced beat awareness, that develop a students time feel and fret board navigation skills, while training a students ears to identify staple melodies and harmonies, that incorporates basic music theory along the way. In a short period of time, when students employ consistent, focused practice, all these skills and concepts become, powerful sets of integrated guitar playing tools, and morph from singular ideas into handy chunks of physical, conceptual, visual and auditory information (technique, ideas, shapes and sounds), that make skillful fretboard navigation and deft guitar performances possible.

John Chapman is a unique and versatile music educator that has been playing guitar for over 30 years and brings 20 years of professional music business experience to each new musical experience with thousands of hours of teaching, performing, composing and recording experience, performing with world-class musicians, at a gamut of venues, his guitar playing being aired on national and international TV and Radio.

Other credentials include: a “Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music and Studio Composition” from Purchase College, Purchase, New York in 1997. He is the owner of: “Orca Music Band Performance & Songwriting Workshops For Kids and Teens”.

Visit, and Hear 45 + Song Samples of JOHN’S MULTI-STYLE SOLO CLASSICAL GUITAR and TRIO/QUARTET BAND PERFORMANCES Serving; Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions and ALL Special Event Celebrations throughout the greater San Francisco Bay and New York Areas and beyond. home pic John is devoted to delivering consistently excellent and extensive personal attention to his students/clients, and values recommendations as the most credible endorsement of his musical services.

Please click the Testimonials link above to hear what some of John’s past and present students/clients have to say about their guitar lesson experience. Inquire about John Chapman’s “Orca Music Band Performance and Songwriting Master Classes for Kids” aged 10 – 18 at your school.

orca_workshop21.jpg “Thank you for continuing to support the study, creation and performance of vital music, bringing beauty, passion and integrating a body mind awareness through music into your life. Best wishes on your musical journey!” John Chapman



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