I incorporate these three styles of books which allow me to cover all basic and essential information for most all beginning to intermediate level guitar and bass students:

  1. A reading book which is a great tool to begin to read music and master the physical and visual techniques involved in playing all styles of guitar.Chromatic Scale 1


    Chromatic Scale 2

    Rhythm Reading 1

  2. A spiral bound blank music staff paper notebook that I write in and use to teach each student: the notes on guitar neck, specific information about the guitar, music theory, transcribed songs, charts, chords, scales, musical exercises and eventually improvisational techniques.


    Example 1:

    Neck Small

    Example 2:

    Rhythms 1

  3. A music theory workbook that is used for beginners of all ages is very successful at bridging the gap between the reading book and the musical information that I will write in the blank staff paper notebook.


    Major Scale Tetrachords

    Major Scale degrees
    Diatonic progression

When appropriate I will provide sheet music and transcribe songs by ear during weekly lessons by taking them of a cd, tape or album and writing them in the students staff paper notebook or on single sheets of music manuscript paper.

sheet music on standStudents are also encouraged to purchase their own sheet music and guitar transcription books of their favorite songs and bands. Students may be asked to purchase a three ring binder in which heavy weight, non glare, top loading sheet protectors are placed to secure and protect single song charts and handout materials I may bring to weekly lessons. I recommend the brand Avery or Staples they seem to work the best. This is the way most professional musicians archive songs and charts for study and performance.


These are the specific guitar teaching method books that I use:

All beginner guitar and bass students need books #2 and #3, guitarists consult me for the proper book 1a or 1b and bass students use 1d.

• Hal Leonard Blank Manuscript Paper Notebook (Spiral Bound)
$ 4.50

• Fast Track Guitar Method $ 7.95

• Fast Track Bass Method $ 7.95

  1. 1a. Alfred Guitar Method Book Volume One, Two or Three, or the combined book with all three versions called Volumes One, Two and Three, both by Alfred Publishing
    1b. Berkeley Guitar Books Series: Volumes One, Two, and Three by William Leavitt
    1c. Music Reading for Guitar by David Oaks
    1d. Beginning Bass Guitar by Alfred Publishing
  2. Archives Spiral Bound Blank Music Staff Paper Notebook (twelve stave, 46 or 96 page)
  3. Practical Theory Complete by Sandy Feldstien (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)

Here is a list of other great books I use to teach with and continue to learn from some of which can be purchased with a cd or midi file accompaniment:

Reference and Fake Books

  • Al Dimeola Master Classes by Al Dimeola and Bob Aslanian (published by 21st Century Music Productions and distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation)
  • The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine (published by Sher Music Co.)
  • The Essential Studio Guitarist by Chris Standring (published by Hal Leonard Corporation)
  • The Real Easy Book -Tunes for beginning improvisers by Sher Music Co.
  • The 6th Edition Real Book by Hal Leonard Corporation
  • The New Real Book Jazz Classics, Pop Standards, Pop-Fusion Classics by Sher Music Co.
  • Beatles Complete Easy Guitar by Hal Leonard Publishing

Books with CD

  • Beginning Blues Guitar (book with cd) by David Hamburger (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • Mastering Blues Guitar (book with cd) by Wayne Riker (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • Beginning Jazz Guitar (book with cd) by Jody Fisher (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • Intermediate Jazz Guitar (book with cd) by Jody Fisher (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • Mastering Improvisation Jazz Guitar (book with cd) by Jody Fisher (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • Mastering Chord/Melody Jazz Guitar (book with cd) by Jody Fisher (Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.)
  • The Brazilian Guitar Book – Samba, Bossa Nova and other Brazilian styles (book with cd) by Nelson Faria, (published by Sher Music Co.)
  • Salsa And Afro Cuban Montunos For Piano (book with cd/midi files) by Carlos Capos (published by A.D.G. Productions)
  • How to Improvise (book with cd) by Hal Crook (published by Advance Music)
  • 101 Must Know Jazz Licks (book with cd) by Wolf Marshall (published by Hal Leonard Corporation)
  • Robben Ford II The Blues And Beyond (book with cd) by Robben Ford (published by CPP Media)
  • The Blues-10 Blues Classics Volume 3 (book with cd) by Hal Leonard Corporation (jazz play along book with cd for Bb, Eb and C Instruments)
  • Fast Forward Funk Guitar (book with cd) by Rikky Rooksby (published by Wise Publications)

There are also a wide variety of play along cds for all styles of music and music software that can help guitar and bass students to gain skill and confidence on their instruments. Please inquire.