Since the guitar is made of wood it is vital that students avoid subjecting their guitar to extreme temperatures. Whenever possible the guitar should be kept in a stable environment where the temperature stays between 65 to 75 degrees with relatively low humidity.

Basically students should try to avoid leaving their guitar in a hot or cold car, near heat vents, radiators, fireplaces, open windows, wet areas or in places where it could easily get wet, be stepped on or knocked over. Students should keep their guitar in it’s case when their not playing it. In relatively normal conditions this will protect the guitar from moderate temperatures changes, humidity and damage. Also the guitar should be kept in proper tune as much as possibly to avoid unstable string tension which can bend or bow the guitar neck.

Dirt will collect on the guitar strings the more students play and their perspiration will erode and rust the strings and make them difficult to play.

Guitar Detail Pic 2It is advisable for guitar players to wipe off the strings each time they put down their guitar for any period of time, (even five minutes). I use Finger Ease, a spray lubricant, cleaner and protectant for guitar strings. It can be applied minutes before a performance and will prolong the life of your strings and relieve finger soreness. Always keep three soft cloths handy; One cloth to wipe off your strings; one cloth to polish the body of your guitar and one cloth to wipe the perspiration off your hands and yourself.

Students should polish their guitar about once a month with a reputable guitar polish like Martin Guitar polish. Beginner guitarists should change their entire set of strings every two to three months. This will ensure that the guitar has the best playability, proper pitch and keeps the guitar well cleaned and cared for while allowing students to improve their technique in changing the guitar strings.

There are some special cleaning supplies and maintenance accessories that will help clean the guitar fretboard, frets, body of the guitar and tighten bolts, clip strings and provide overall care for the instrument.

These maintenance accessories are: Lemon oil (for the wood of the guitar fretboard and any unlacquered parts of the guitar only, if applied to the body or any lacquered part of the guitar it will ruin the finish of the guitar), String clippers (small wire cutters), 10 mm socket wrench (to tighten tuner washers), Needle nose pliers (to tighten input jack when it comes lose on an electric guitar), String winder (to quickly and efficiently wind the strings when changing them), Noxon or Brasso (metal polishes and cleaners to take all the dirt off the guitars frets) Q -Tips (to apply the metal polish sparingly as not to get it on the wood of the fretboard), Martin Guitar Polish or any other quality brand (to clean the body of the guitar and the back of the neck), Jewelers philips head screwdriver, small (to tighten small screws on the tuning heads on both acoustic and electric guitars and to tighten or replace screws on an electric guitar), Guitar humidifier (placed in the guitar case with the guitar or inside the sound hole to prevent the guitars wood and glue from drying out and cracking in extreme hot and dry conditions) and lots of Guitar cleaning rags (any durable and soft rags that are used solely for cleaning each part of your guitar specifically so that you wont hurt the guitars unfinished or finished wood with an improper oil or cleaner).

Treated with care your guitar will always look like new!