John’s Guitar Gear


Fender American Stratocaster 1989
Peter Florence pickups, Rosewood neck, Gotoh locking tuners, Graph Tech saddles, Fret job, hand cut Bone Nut by Matt Brewster 30th Street Guitars.

Fender American Stratocaster 1989

Fender Telecaster 1990’s
Maple photo flame veneer, 70’s maple strat neck, Gotoh vintage locking tuners, Graph Tech saddles, Seymor Duncan virtual vintage pickups, Fret job, hand cut Bone Nut by Matt Brewster 30th Street Guitars.

Fender Telecaster 1990’s

Fender Jazz Bass Early 1990’s-Mexican

Fender Jazz Bass 90’s Mexican

Montalvo Ramirez Model Classical Cutaway 2006
Hand Crafted in Mexico: Engelmann Spruce Top, Cocobolo Mexican Rosewood back and sides, Ebony Fret Board, Bone Nut, (LR-Baggs iMix dual Acoustic Pre-amp incorporates iBeam active bridge plate transducer and The Element under saddle transducer with Class A end pin preamp- installed by Geoff Luttrell at San Francisco Guitarworks).

Guitar 6

Savannah Guitars Hand Crafted Dreadnought 2001
Style of a Martin D18 from 1938, Mahogany back and sides, Solid Red Spruce top, Ebony fretboard, hand cut Bone Nut, Sperzel gold tuners, B-Band Acoustic Pick up.

Black Forest dreadnought acoustic 2001

Ibanez Artist Model Acoustic Eary 1980’s
Grover Tuners, hand cut Bone Nut, new fret job and installed Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II pick up by Matt Brewster 30th Street Guitars.

Ibanez Artist Model Acoustic 80’s

John’s guitars are serviced by:

Matt Brewster at 30th Street Guitars, New York City.
Geoff Luttrell at San Francisco Guitarworks, 331 Potrero Ave SF, CA


Genz Benz Shenandoah Acoustic 100
Powerful 2 Channel 100 watt 12″ combo w/onboard 24 bit ALESIS™ digital effects processor.


Mesa Boogie Mark IIB 1978
Paduck Vermillion Wood, custom effects return Mike Bendinelli, SED and Electro Harmonix Tubes, EV 12L speaker. Class A and Simulclass-50/100 watts.

Mesa Boogie Mark II 1978

Music Man 112 Early 1970’s
Celestion vintage 30’s speaker, Phasor (pull intensity knob) with reverb, Solid state pre amp, Power amp uses Marconi NOS Tubes, 2- 5881’s, 75 watts.

Music Man 112 1970’s

Fender Blues Junior 1990’s
Custom Weber Speaker, JJ Tesla-3 ECC 83 S preamp tubes, 2 EL-84 power amp tubes, 15 watts.

Fender Blues Junior 1990’s

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 2006
2-Channel, 12″ Red Coat Eminence Speaker, Tad Tubes-4 X 12AX7 preamp tube, 2 X 6L6 power amp tubes-50 watt-pure clean tone, absolutely Smokin!!

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme

Pedal Boards:

Custom Built and Hand Wired, True Bypass Stereo outs A wet/B dry option Pedal Board in ATA Flight by Tom Peck at
New Pedal Board

Boss BCB-60
Stereo outs with tuner send and built in power supply.

Pedal Board


  • Analog Man Stereo Clone Chorus
  • Analog Man Mini Bi-Comp Compressor
  • Boss OD-1 Overdrive (vintage)
  • Boss Digital Delay DD-5  (analog man reverse modification)
  • Boss REV-3 Reverb Delay
  • Boss TU-12 tuner
  • Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
  • Ernie Ball Volume pedal
  • Homebrew Electronics Overdrive
  • Ibanez TS-9 Overdrive, (analog man silver modification JRC4558D chip)
  • Ibanez Overdrive Orange (vintage)
  • Maxon AD-900 Analog Delay
  • Mutron Phaser (vintage)
  • Pure Tone Line Buffer Purifier
  • T.C. Electronics Chorus / Pitch Shifter / Flanger

If you need modifications done to your pedals or are looking for great sounding boutique pedals that truly rock, check with Mike at