My goal as a songwriting coach is to provide songwriters at all levels with tools (rhythm, harmony, melody, form, lyrics, performance, arrangement, instrumentation) that help songwriters write and deliver more emotionally moving and memorable songs that will have a stronger impact on the listening audience. These tools will create confidence and proficiency allowing songwriters to craft and critique their songs with greater depth and clarity.

Strong Songs have a distinctive and memorable titles, maintain a consistent mood, evoke one emotion, have a strong start and payoff , incorporate fresh imagery and action, use an appropriate song form and are performed in the correct key and tempo.

Songwriting Topics

• Rhythm (create new energy from section to section, change the rhythm up in different song sections verse to chorus to bridge, keep instrumentation rhythm mostly repetitive in like song sections verse and chorus)

• Melody Writing (make sure it’s in the right key, not to rangy, repeat melodic rhythm in key song sections)

• Harmony (support the melody, find the corners of the chords, use inversions and 7th chords to spice up basic triads, have a special chord that brings new life and energy at a crucial moment in the song, use the chords in a key, common chord progressions, use chromaticism to create tension and release)

• Song Forms (intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, modulation and solo section, how they function, popular song form analysis)

• Lyric Writing (tell a story, free association columns exercise, use word clusters, journal emotional events, striking a universal chord, lyrics must make a new contribution, creating good rhythmic motion, keep imagery fresh, create inner dialog and empathy for your characters, show don’t tell using detailed imagery, use proper personal pronouns, creating one point of view with a consistent emotional mood, eliminate padding)

• Business Checklist

• Songwriting Demos (recording analog or digital, live recordings, home studio vs professional recording studio, acoustic isolation, mics, mic pre’s, analog to digital converters, firewire or usb, writing charts for your song, hiring musicians, midi, music software for your computer, selecting a DAW-digital audio workstation)