Music Philosophy

Musical performance, study and creation is one place where real beauty can exist. Music inspires us at our very cores. The care one takes in the way they approach music will be the way in which they ultimately present it to the world, there friends, family and there future audience.

Music, like its shapeless form, has no boundaries of age, race, intellect or belief system. It is capable of transcending all forms of prejudice with a single uniting sound. I believe when you take part in a musical activity you are spiritually, psychologically and mentally rewarded with a sharper lens to uncover a myriad of new possibilities now exposed in plain sight. Continuous musical study will broaden the adeptness of students academic and otherwise. To play a musical instrument with skill the mind must force the body to move in disciplined ways. Musicians must confront discomfort, fatigue and self doubt which takes mental strength and emotional will to endure. This fosters true personal growth and bolsters self confidence and creativity.

Guitar Detail Pic 1Competent musicians learn to listen which enables greater understanding and enhances humility and collaboration. When a musician learns to understand himself through long hours of practice, he uncovers strengths and weaknesses and can better understand how to best fit in to musical situations and otherwise.

Music by it’s very nature is a peerless unifier because it provides a channel for the free expression and exploration of human emotional content in a non violent way. At what ever skill level or level of professional status, a true musician through practicing the guitar with the right energy and focus will benefit from a more fulfilling life. When one shows respect for the music one respects ones self.

In closing, music connects people with their emotions, advances their intellectual capacity, fine tunes their communication skills, incites their creative spirit, allows people to better understand one another and ultimately brings people closer together.