To be a prepared with all the materials ready will ensure a more productive lesson and create an enjoyable atmosphere for unlocking your unique talents in the world of music.

Therefore, it’s recommended that each student complete these preparations before each lesson:

  • Set up the music stand between two arm less chairs that are facing each other in a quiet area free of interruption. The chair should be of a height that allows the students feet to rest flat on the floor. Place all books and sheet music that may be used on or next to the music stand.
  • Have guitar picks, metronome and sharpened pencil with usable eraser ready to be used and any necessary materials such as a cd, tape, dvd, vhs tape, stereo, amplifier, effect pedals, microphone or instrument cable available if necessary. It is useful to have a little bag or pouch to keep your guitar stuff from getting lost.
  • If previously instructed, the student should attempt to tune their guitar prior to any scheduled lesson.
  • Periodically review previously discussed lesson material so that new concepts and techniques are more easily understood.
  • Warm up for 5 – 15 minutes before each weekly lesson if possible.
  • Prepare the new lesson material thoroughly each week.