“John is a talented, creative and passionate musician who has the ability to instruct any level of student. He has taken my daughter from beginning level to becoming quite an accomplished guitar player.”

–Carol Junker (view full testimonial)

“My son was able to play only a few chords when he started with John although he had been taking guitar lessons for a while. Within a short period of time he not only became more proficient, but more importantly, developed an enthusiasm for music that I had never seen.”

–Laura Kauman (view full testimonial)

“Mr. Chapman has been an excellent instructor and I am particularly impressed with his ability to instruct the adult learner in a manner which keeps the student interested and motivated.”

–Andrew Matturro (view full testimonial)

“We have been very pleased with John’s patience and have recommended him to four of our friends who hired him to teach guitar to their own children. Our friends have been equally pleased with the results.”

–Stephen and Gail Levy (view full testimonial)

John Chapman has been teaching my 12-year-old son, Russell, guitar for over 2 years. . . Russell is often hard on himself and John has extended himself in order to instill confidence as well as a love of guitar in my son.”

–Mindy Feldman (view full testimonial)

“John is a music teacher who truly gets to know his students, who has great patience when teaching a new student basic skills and who shares his love of music with his students and their families.”

–Judy Lempel (view full testimonial)

“John Chapman has taught my son Martin guitar and bass for about two years. I also have been studying the guitar with John for several months now. John is a very professional, passionate and patient teacher. . . I couldn’t be happier with John and I recommend him highly.”

–Marcelo Lancman (view full testimonial)